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With ViMove technology analysis of your movement when running can be taken to a new level. I share the same technique analysis equipment as Manchester United football club and take the analysis, coaching and rehabilitation of my clients just as seriously.

I am the first running coach in the UK to use this technology. For the first time laboratory quality analysis can be carried out away from the treadmill and in the natural environment where the correct information on our movement can be obtained.

We run outside so we should be analysed and coached outside. We often move in a very manufactured way. My ground-breaking gait analysis and research projects, using ViMove, takes me to many extreme environments and gives me vital insights into using our natural gait.

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Running Gait Analysis

The ViMove technology allows me to measure aspects of your running dynamics that until now have been restricted to the laboratory, treadmills and in turn incorrect biomechanics. I am now able to assess in the natural environment running dynamics such as, ground reaction force, ground contact time, acceleration and deceleration during the stride and cadence, this information is supplied from each leg so I can understand your balance and symmetry of movement.


Knee Analysis

The ViMove technology allows me to assess the action of the knee during a hop and single leg squat, this allows me to understand the rate of collapse of the knee and how the foot lands, valgus or varus. This information is vital in understanding the stability of the knee. Once I understand your vertical displacement I can simulate your footfall and fully understand the reaction of the knee during your running stride. This is information vital in ensuring efficient movement and the reduction of injury.

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Sports Therapist

When you have a running analysis session you will receive a full report on your running dynamics, balance and symmetry of movement, this information is invaluable to your sports therapist, for the first time they can see how your body performs when running and can use this information to treat and prevent injury as well as work on recovery and rehabilitation. I am very happy to work with your therapist to ensure you have the best possible team behind you.

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ViMove 1 Hour Analysis Session

This session allows us to understand your running dynamics, including ground reaction force, acceleration and deceleration during the running stride, ground contact time, cadence, stability of the knee and vertical displacement, this information is delivered per leg allowing us to understand your balance and symmetry as you move. This gait analysis is complemented by 360 degree video analysis of the whole body.

Cost of 1 hour analysis for 1 person is £70

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Cost of 1 hour analysis for 2 people is £110

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All sessions available as gift vouchers here

If you would like to pay by Bank transfer the details are: “Lloyds Bank”, sort code “30.95.89”, Account number “46385268”


Ben Sumner

GB Cyclocross, British Champion

As an athlete I am always looking to improve my performance, although running is not the main aspect of my sport I was keen to understand whether I was maximising my potential.

Working with Shane has helped me to understand how my body loads as I run and more importantly how carrying my bike during competition effects my balance and efficiency of movement. The use of the ViMove analysis has enabled me to see and understand information that effects my performance, it’s not all about data,

Shane has also changed the way I think about running and moving my body. I would certainly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.


Jo Meek

GB Ultra Runner

Ever since I have met Shane he has been friendly, incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the natural running movement.

He offered me the opportunity to have my gait analysed highlighting his determination to help and develop runners. His equipment is neat and unobtrusive providing results super quick which he analyses presenting the data in a comprehensive yet understandable way.

I would recommend him to anyone who is interested whether they have an injury or not.


John Rahim


Even though I have used personal trainers for years I had never considered using a running coach, that was until I had a minor knee injury and was recommend to see Shane Benzie.

Shane has totally deconstructed my running and as result I am running faster with no injuries and for longer distances. Where Shane differs from other running coaches is that he takes analytical approach and breakdowns your running style and helps you iron out the problems that you have developed over years of running.

Shane uses the latest technology however this is not used in a gimicky manner and uses it to highlight how best to adapt your running technique.


Duncan Slater


I first met Shane when I was preparing for the London Marathon as an ambassador for Walking With The Wounded, I am a double amputee and at that time I was unable to cover more than six miles, working with Shane on my posture and balance has changed the way I think about running completely, five months later I completed the London Marathon in five hours and I am now looking at ultra races, we are working together in preparation for the Marathon Des Sables where I intend to be the first double amputee to complete the worlds toughest footrace. Using the ViMove analysis equipment enabled me to me to understand my balance as I ran and how to make simple changes that gave me amazing results.

Robbie Britton

Robbie Britton

GB 24 hour runner
3rd place in the 2105 world championships

In 2015 I ran 261km and finished 3rd in the World & European 24hr running Championships. The silver medalist was only 40m ahead of me.

With the 2017 World Championships in mind I have been working with Shane to maximise my running form and efficiency to utilise every second of the 24 hour race and find an extra centimetre or two with each stride, which adds up to kilometres at the end of the day.

We’ll be continuing to use the ViMove technology at the 2016 European Champs to find out as much about the dark, mysterious world of 24hr running as possible. With more information we can better inform decisions made in the future.

There is so many little things we can do to improve our running and not all of them involve trying harder. Working smarter and using the Team Sky ethic of searching for marginal gains can be the difference in winning and finishing third or just getting under those cut offs compared to being timed out.

If you want to be a better and more efficient runner then get in contact with Shane

Andrew Ronchi

Andrew Ronchi

CEO Dorsavi

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