Damian Hall

Ultramarathon Runner & Outdoor Journalist

Running Reborn transformed the way I run. But also the way I think about running, my enjoyment of it and my performances. I’m now faster, yet can run for longer without tiring or hurting. But perhaps more importantly I now think about my body and what it’s doing, since working on my technique with Shane I have finished on the podium of the Spine, finished 5th in the Dragons Back and position 32nd in the UTMB.

I found Shane to be a superb teacher. He genuinely listens and explains his ideas in an accessible, patient way. I was dubious at the start, but quickly become a convert and a big advocate of the running style he teaches. It works in theory and practice.


Ben Sumner

GB Cyclocross, British Champion

As an athlete I am always looking to improve my performance, although running is not the main aspect of my sport I was keen to understand whether I was maximising my potential.

Working with Shane has helped me to understand how my body loads as I run and more importantly how carrying my bike during competition effects my balance and efficiency of movement. The use of the ViMove analysis has enabled me to see and understand information that effects my performance, it’s not all about data,

Shane has also changed the way I think about running and moving my body. I would certainly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.


Jo Meek

GB Ultra Runner

Ever since I have met Shane he has been friendly, incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the natural running movement.

He offered me the opportunity to have my gait analysed highlighting his determination to help and develop runners. His equipment is neat and unobtrusive providing results super quick which he analyses presenting the data in a comprehensive yet understandable way.

I would recommend him to anyone who is interested whether they have an injury or not.


Claire Lait

GB Triathlete

Shane was recommended to me by my physiotherapist following a series of injuries during running training. I compete at GB age group level 70:3 triathlon so preventing injury and running fast are both important elements to me. As a swimmer by background and a strong cyclist, my running has always let me down in races and in training has led to a number of injuries including a stress fracture last year to my second metatarsal.

As a physiotherapist by profession I was impressed by the amount of knowledge, passion and eye for perfection that Shane demonstrated. He is a man who clearly knows and understands the art of running and not only that, works hard to learn through field research from those that do run efficiently and most of all love running because of this.

Shane has not only taught me to love running in a faster and more efficient way but to understand my body and the way it moves in day to day life, which has effectively improved both my swim and bike too. I would highly recommend Shane to anyone that wants to improve their running speed or purely learn to love and enjoy running better.


Debbie Studart


Twelve months ago I was all but ready to stop running due to constant injuries which led to a lack of proper training & poor performances. A friend recommended a one to one session & I’ve not looked back since!

The principles of Chi Running are simplicity and Shane teaches them flawlessly. Since my initial session I have pb’d at 5k, 10 mile & half marathon distance, trained for & ran a full marathon & completed 70k of a 100k Ultra Marathon, stopped only due to blisters. This is my longest injury free and sustained period of training and racing. I simply can’t thank or recommend Shane highly enough.


Katy Granville-Chapman

GB Triathlete

Shane’s coaching has literally transformed my running! I was stuck in bit of a rut, feeling like a very poor runner and being rather confused as to why quite so many people were passing me when I came off the bike!

Shane’s explanation of how our bodies work and how we can harness natural processes and structures within them to run much more efficiently has been almost magical.

I really didn’t think I was capable of running a marathon, but Shane gave me the confidence to try an Ironman and I loved literally every step of the marathon, despite a very patchy training programme! I was also really thrilled and surprised to win my age group at the British Sprint Triathlon Championships, taking over 2 minutes off my last season’s 5km time – a win I definitely would not have achieved without this improvement in my running, which can all be credited to Shane as I didn’t significantly change my training volume or intensity. The very best thing that you could possibly do for your running would be to be coached by Shane – he is extraordinary!


Wellington College

Wellington College

We could not have been more grateful to Shane for his incredible work with our school triathlon team! Three of our pupils and one teacher were selected to race for the GB Age Group Triathlon team at the World Championships in Chicago and we are delighted to report that Shane’s coaching contributed MASSIVELY to two of the pupils taking 3 minutes off their 5km time from last season and the teacher improving by two minutes, leading to a British Age Group Championship win! Furthermore, the teacher went on to complete her first Ironman, something she thought wouldn’t be possible because of recurring injuries!

Shane’s technical expertise and ability to deliver his knowledge in an way that is really clear to understand, as well as making changes to our techniques that are easy to implement and maintain is truly exceptional. Not only has he made us faster, but he has also substanitally reduced our injury risk, by making us more in tune with our bodies and how we were designed to run!

I could not recommend Shane more highly: if you want to make significant improvements to your running, you MUST ask Shane to coach you!


Caroline Newton

Financial Controller

Prior to my first session with Shane 12 months ago, I had recurring issues with ‘runners knee’ and plantar fasciitis. The furthest I’d ever run was 8 miles.

With Shane’s video analysis and clear instruction, by the end of the session I was running in a totally different way. I was able to practice what I had learned with the help of a ‘top tips to remember’ email.

The transition was tough, and I had to dramatically reduce my mileage in the beginning. But Shane has been there to give his advice by email, phone or in person and get me back on track.

Last sunday I ran 22 miles along a challenging trail injury free!


Phil Hollett

Chief Executive Officer

My wife bought be running lessons from Shane for Christmas last year. To say I was underwhelmed was an understatement. I know how to run. I have been running 40 years. You are supposed to get a bit of pain and it should hurt. As you get older you get slower, it’s called getting old.

Eventually I went to Shane on a cold wet April morning. Three hours I will never get back I thought! The first session was a revelation. The hardest part was telling my wife she was right. I learnt to run. Then I learnt to run without pain.

In the next session I learnt to run faster and further than I have ….ever. Yesterday I managed to break 50 minutes for a 10K. (48: 42 to be exact). Not too bad for 54.

I have just completed my first triathlon and passed many on the run. Want to run, talk to Shane.


Karen Hathaway

GB 24hr Athlete

I cannot thank Shane enough for the work he has done on my technique and the thought process behind it.

Within 10 weeks of our first session I’ve completely changed the way I think about running form and body movement, resulting in a 12k personal best for the 24hr distance after just 3 sessions.

His insight and experience is inspiring; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.


John Rahim


Even though I have used personal trainers for years I had never considered using a running coach, that was until I had a minor knee injury and was recommend to see Shane Benzie.

Shane has totally deconstructed my running and as result I am running faster with no injuries and for longer distances. Where Shane differs from other running coaches is that he takes analytical approach and breakdowns your running style and helps you iron out the problems that you have developed over years of running.

Shane uses the latest technology however this is not used in a gimicky manner and uses it to highlight how best to adapt your running technique.


Claire Moleneux

Head Teacher

I first worked with Shane three months after my first venture into running in April 2013. I was very much ‘an enthusiastic beginner’ who had got into running mostly for weight loss purposes after illness, and Shane’s initial instruction on technique was invaluable in the development of a new and more efficient running style. Since then I’ve continued to set myself new and exciting challenges and, with Shane’s continued expert coaching, have moved from those early goals into running regular trail half and full marathons. Shane has a vast bank of knowledge and his healthy obsession with detail and identifying small but positive technique tweaks is what keeps me coming back for regular coaching sessions. Inspirational!


Steve Cox

Vice President, Oracle

I did some research and found out about Chi Running and Shane’s revolutionary approach to running form, booked a one-day session and things have never been the same. No injuries (well extremely few, I’m a runner after all), my running’s improved and a year after the Bath Half, I did my first Ultra, the Bristol Green Man – 46 miles around Bristol in the mud and over the hills.

Without Shane that wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you. I can’t recommend Shane highly enough.


Nick Mead


As an ultrarunner keen to reduce the impact on my body as much as possible, I’d been trying to stop heel-striking for years but I was confused about what I should be doing and whatever I tried the bad habits would soon creep back in. Shane said that after one session I’d never heel-strike again. I was sceptical at first but that’s proved right – every running step I’ve taken in the past year since seeing Shane has been on the midfoot. I feel lighter on my feet and when I get it right it feels like I’m running faster for much less effort, letting gravity do the work.


Dr Kerry Hickson


With Shane’s help and expertise my running has become easy, relaxed, and thoroughly enjoyable. Whether your are a competitive runner or a complete novice, I am sure that working with Shane will be one of the best things you could ever do for your running.


Warren Humphreys

Golf professional, coach and commentator

There are birthday presents and there are Birthday Presents!

Today I had my lesson with Shane and straightaway I knew I had found someone who could impart knowledge with facts in a simple and straightforward manner that I could easily relate to.

For the past 40 years my life has revolved about golf, first as a player then as a commentator on the European Golf Tour. Golf is about movement and understanding how the body moves which is essential to play well with power and accuracy.

Now Shane was sharing his wealth of knowledge with simplicity and a structure so akin to my sport I could immediately feel this was going to be not only fun but also really informative.
I have no doubts I am already a better runner have more knowledge and understanding about my technique as a runner in just 3 hours than I gained in 10 years of reading about it in books and magazines.


Trying Running Club

Running Club

Many thanks for the workshop last night, very informative and enjoyed by all! Discussions have all ready been taking place on how we can progress what you have taught us. Absolutely fascinating about Mio-Fascia. Look forward to catching up again soon.


Callum Hughes

2014 National Off road Champion

After having a great season of racing triathlons in 2014 including 11th at Ironman UK and 23rd at 70.3 Championships. All of these despite a fractured tibia at the beginning of the year.

After my season I set about trying to find someone who could prevent me becoming injured again. Thankfully I met Shane and all hope was restored, he is a fantastic guy with an abundance of enthusiasm much like myself.

We started working on different paces to see where my form changed, Shane was quick to pick up on all my flaws. He then gave me guidance on how to eliminate these of by changing small things in the way I run.

The result do far is that I’m four months uninjured. I would have been happy with that as the result but I’m also faster as a consequence of becoming more efficient. Working with Shane has certainly opened my eyes to how much more I can achieve.


Clive Alderson

GB Triathlete

I have been working with Shane for a few months now and as an older athlete who has raced for many years. Physiologically I have little left to improve. So in order to keep improving I have to look towards economy of movement. This is where Shane excels in quickly identifying potential areas where I can improve my efficiency.

As a Long course triathlete small changes can produce significant gains in race times. Shane has given me some key focus points that are starting to show some improvements in my running style, and I can use these to hold my running form when the going gets tough. The use of video analysis and analysis of my running dynamics has also helped me to understand how I move and how to improve.

Robbie Britton

Robbie Britton

GB 24 hour runner
3rd place in the 2105 world championships

“In 2015 I ran 261km and finished 3rd in the World & European 24hr running Championships. The silver medalist was only 40m ahead of me.

With the 2017 World Championships in mind I have been working with Shane to maximise my running form and efficiency to utilise every second of the 24 hour race and find an extra centimetre or two with each stride, which adds up to kilometres at the end of the day.

We’ll be continuing to use the ViMove technology at the 2016 European Champs to find out as much about the dark, mysterious world of 24hr running as possible. With more information we can better inform decisions made in the future.

There is so many little things we can do to improve our running and not all of them involve trying harder. Working smarter and using the Team Sky ethic of searching for marginal gains can be the difference in winning and finishing third or just getting under those cut offs compared to being timed out.

If you want to be a better and more efficient runner then get in contact with Shane


Chandni Rosser

Programme Manager

I was given a gift by my partner to help resolve my issues with long distance running. I can truthfully say that my session with Shane was very much a gladly received one. He was very knowledgeable about everything I asked and had a great deal of experience. He was also helpful about the problems I had been facing and gave me some very useful guidance which I have begun to incorporate into my running style. I was so impressed by the results that I requested more sessions with him so that I can continue to improve. I look forward to learning a lot more from him.


Naomi Sharma

I came to Shane for advice on improving my running style in preparation for a half marathon. I only took up running in the last year and wanted to reduce my risk of injury.

Having heard about Shane in a Guardian article, I booked in a session for technique analysis and coaching. This was very useful, Shane identified issues for me to work on, in particular increasing my cadence to make my stride more efficient and stop me striking with the heel. This has helped me increase the distance I can run without experiencing knee and hip problems and has made my running faster and more fluid.

During the half marathon I concentrated on cadence and good posture and that kept me feeling strong throughout the race. I was thrilled to come in at 1:51 well under the 2 hour time which was my target.

Laurence Berry

Laurence Berry

Finance Director

After completing LEJOG this year I have decided to take on a new challenge at the Exmoor Half Iron Man in 2016. After breaking my ankle aged 21 years I had bludgeoned my way through 22 more years of bruising running and had nothing but trepidation heading into the training for this event. Following more than 2 hours of outdoor technical and video assessment with Shane I feel a renewed sense of purpose in my approach to running. Shane’s practical explanations behind the changes needed to my running style have made them compelling and motivating and his work with a range of elite and amateur athletes give him complete credibility. I will be back for more and would recommend Shane to anyone who has lost their passion for running.

Warren Cox

Warren Cox

Business Consultant

I’d been trying to figure out over the last 12 months why my running hadn’t improved to my aspired level, and had even resorted to buying a £400 Garmin Triathlon watch that collected a range of technical data relating to stride length, ground contact time and cadence via the heart rate monitor. So I now had some data; but the issue with this is that the data is only useful if you know how to use it! Whilst I could see that my ground contact time was way too long the rest of the numbers gave me little clue as to what to change to deliver any level of marked improvements. After todays session my only regret is that it took me 18 months to realise that enlisting professional help would have me enlightened me far more quickly (and at much less expense) than the route I took trying to resolve my own issues.
I would recommend Shane to anyone that would like to understand efficient movement and how to perfect it.

Ali Hollest

Ali Hollest

BTF Level 2 Coach
ASA Level 2 Coach

The inaugural Running Reborn and TriSwimCoaching.com running video analysis Clinic was an out and out success. From the start, there was a huge range of ability and experience in the group, ranging from ultramarathoners to Ironmen, 800m track specialists to club level triathletes and everybody in between. The beauty of the concept of Running Reborn is that it applies to everyone, no matter what your level of experience or expertise. Shane’s thorough understanding of dynamic movement and the basic essentials of running is inspiring and leads to fascinating group discussions. This really is about free speed.

Linacre College

Geoff Stanley

Linacre College

Our introductory group session with Shane was fantastic. We had 6 people varying in running ability and knowledge of form, but Shane did an excellent job of teaching at all ability levels, simultaneously. He could answer any question we put to him, and in a way that everyone in our group could understand.

After some preliminary video analysis and discussion of the more obvious points about running form (such as cadence, stride, and foot strike), he showed us why we needed to also improve our form above our legs, particularly pelvic alignment and arm swing.

Our introductory session with Shane was worth ten times its time in reading books and self-practice