Technique Analysis for Amputees

Technique Analysis for Amputees

Specialising in technique analysis and coaching for amputees

Good running form is all about moving with efficiency and reducing the effects of impact on the body, my work with amputees specialises in creating natural movement, focusing on the fascial system which is responsible for our posture, creation of elastic energy, elastic recoil and proprioception.

Our fascial system is constantly remodelling at a rate of 75% every 24 months, this is of particular interest to upper and lower body amputees, providing the correct movements are made during technique training and rehabilitation the architecture of our fascial system will remodel to meet it’s new demands and significantly increase the body’s ability to work in synergy with the prosthetic.

My work specialises in creating a thought process using visualisation on the series of events as we run, this enables the runner to treat running as a series of fluid movements that that can be practiced and improved upon under their own supervision as well as mine.

This natural approach is backed up by 360 degree video analysis of the whole body and the use of the innovational ViMove technology that enables me to understand your running dynamics and create maximum balance and symmetry available in your movement.


Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre

I am very privileged to work along side the rehabilitation team at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) at Headley Court, my work involves technique analysis of upper and lower body amputees. This work is fascinating and vital to developing and improving our knowledge in the way we analyse and coach amputees when running and walking, it’s also extremely rewarding which is the main reason I am passionate about working in this particular field.

My work with the DMRC also includes research at Bath University into the Biomechanical and metabolic analysis of running gait in amputees, this research will give us fundamental feedback on how to understand, increase and coach the efficiency of movement in amputees.

Pace Rehab


I work in collaboration with the PACE rehabilitation centres to improve the synergy between the building of the prosthetic and the coaching of it’s use in dynamic movement. This work is fundamental in building the knowledge required to coach in such a specialised field. A workshop which includes the runner/walker, coach and prosthetic designer is an innovational and highly successful way to introduce the client to the prosthetic and its use during dynamic movement.

They use the latest technology and expertise in their in house development and manufacturing of prosthetics. We are using the synergy of the prosthetic developer and movement coach to work with Duncan Slater and his challenge to be the first double amputee to complete the Marathon Des Sables.

Analysis Picture


The ViMove technology that I use for technique analysis enables me to gain laboratory quality data from amputee runners and walkers in the natural environment, this is vital as our biomechanics on a treadmill are significantly different, we run and walk outside so we should be analysed and coached outside.

My analysis enables me to understand your ground contact time, ground reaction force, acceleration of the limb during the stride, vertical displacement, cadence and stability of the knee, where applicable. All analysis data is given per limb enabling me to fully understand your balance and symmetry of movement. This analysis is carried out in conjunction with 360 degree video analysis of the whole body.

This approach to gait analysis for amputees is unique, enabling instant feedback on progression.

As one of the leading coaches in the UK working on technique analysis and coaching for amputees I work with runners of all abilities from those looking to produce elite performances to those looking to move dynamically for the first time.

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