Shane Benzie Profile

Technique Research

As the founder of Running Reborn I am passionate about increasing my understanding of our movement when running and the influences that make us the amazing running species we are.

To quench this thirst for a better understanding I work with a network of individuals and organisations on a number of research projects. These include:

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James Earls

James Earls is a writer, lecturer and body worker specialising in myofascial Release and structural integration and the author of Born to Walk.

Shane works in collaboration with James to better understand the influence the fascial system has on the body when running, including posture, proprioception, elastic recoil and the creation of elastic energy. This work is fundamental to Shane’s approach to body movement and coaching techniques.


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Kent University

Shane works with Kent university on a number of research projects including the effects of coaching intervention, pacing and perceived rates effort and the effects of endurance performance on ultra runners pre, during and post competition, this research is carried on the T-Series of ultra races and is also undertaken in extreme environments to better understand how to prepare, compete and recover from multi day events.

University of Bath

Shane is working with the University of Bath and the DMRC in a joint research project on biomechanical and metabolic analysis of running gait in amputees.

This research is complemented by ViMove analysis on running dynamics including ground reaction force, ground contact time, cadence, limb acceleration and vertical displacement and 360 degree video analysis.

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Research in Africa


Shane is very privileged to be able to spend time with athletes and coaches in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda working on gait analysis projects and the study of running dynamics.

This research pays particular attention to the fascial system and it’s role in elastic recoil and the creation of elastic energy in the body, he then creates a thought process and training protocols to enable runners to tap into this natural supply of efficiency and dynamic movement.


Beyond the Ultimate

Shane works in partnership with the Beyond the Ultimate race series on research into the effects of endurance performance in extreme environments including extreme heat, cold, humidity and altitude, this research alongside the research on the T-Series of ultra races allows Shane to better understand how to prepare competitors for ultra and multi-day events including race preparation, competing and recovery.

Beyond the Ultimate

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Shane is working in collaboration with ViMove on gait fatigue research, this research is carried out to enable a better understanding of how a runners gait changes during extended distances, this is particularly useful for marathon, ultra marathon, and triathlon competitors as it identifies potential inefficiencies and risks to injury that traditional analysis over a few minutes would not pick up.

This research and consequent technique coaching helped Karen Hathaway to her victory in the 2015 Thames Ring Race, a 250 mile race in which she broke the women’s record by eleven hours.


Shane is working with PACE to create revolutionary prosthetics built specifically for multi-day, multi-terrain events, in particular the Marathon Des Sables, this ground braking research will change the way prosthetics are designed for these events and open them up for more amputees to participate.

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Precision Hydration

Shane works with Precision Hydration who are the parent company behind H2Pro Hydrate products and the sweat testing service.