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Perhaps the ultimate challenges for the ultra runner are multi day events in extreme environments. The Beyond the Ultimate Series and the Marathon Des Sables give you exactly that, competing in extreme heat, cold, altitude and humidity in some of the most stunning destinations on the planet are a great way to test both mind and body.

I have trekked climbed and run in the Himalayas, Karakorum, Amazon and northern India to altitudes of 6000 metres and temperatures down to – 30, run in deserts and jungles in countries such as Morocco, Mozambique, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Amazon in temperatures up to 50 degrees and 100% humidity.

During this time I have learned that running with efficient movement and reducing the effects of impact on the body are key to completing your event.

I am the recognised movement coach for the Beyond The Ultimate, T-Series, Grand to Grand and XNRG race series and work as part of the RUNULTRA team preparing competitors for the Marathon Des Sables.

I work on a number of research projects in extreme environments on the gait fatigue analysis and the effects on the immune system during training and competition.


So if you are preparing and training for a multi-day ultra race including the Marathon Des Sables, Beyond the Ultimate race series or the Grand to Grand for 2016, 2017 2018 give me a call for a chat about your running efficiency and performance.

Details of the Marathon Des Sables race can be found here

Details of the Beyond the Ultimate race series can be found here

Details of the XNRG race series can be found here

Details of the T-Series races can be found here

Details of the Grand to Grand event can be found here

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Technique Analysis

As a running technique coach and movement specialist I use ViMove technology to analyse your running dynamics, measuring ground force reaction, acceleration and deceleration during the stride, stability of the knee, ground contact time, cadence, and vertical displacement, this information is delivered per leg allowing us to understand your balance and symmetry as you move, maximising these is vital to creating maximum efficiency.

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Technique Coaching

We work with full kit to ensure that your gait analysis and coaching are specific to your event, using hills and trails with the ViMove technology allows us to carry out analysis that until now has been confined to the lab, a pack and race kit completely changes our gait, understanding the effects and how to work with them will dramatically increase your performance. We also analyse the stability of the knee and the effects of bad posture.

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Natural Movement

My coaching philosophy is based around natural movement, in particular posture and the use of the fascial system and it’s influences on propreoception, and the creation of elastic recoil and elastic energy in the body. All of the analysis and coaching is carried out with the use of 360 degree video analysis of the whole body, understanding how to move correctly and how it looks and feels to do it correctly is a very powerful way of learning.

Half Day Ultra Workshop

Half Day Ultra Workshop

This 4 hour workshop allows us to carry out technique analysis with the unique ViMove analysis equipment, with and without race kit in a natural environment of your choice, hills, trails, sand, road, if you are competing on it we can analyse and coach you on it.

Cost of session £245

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Cost of session for 2 people £345

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All sessions available as gift vouchers here

If you would like to pay by Bank transfer the details are: “Lloyds Bank”, sort code “30.95.89”, Account number “46385268”


T184 Endurance Race

For those people who have completed the Marathon Des Sables, the T184 Endurance Race offers a significant challenge within the UK.

T184 competitors are required to cover the 184 mile distance (covering the full length of the Thames Path from the Thames Barrier to the source) within an 80 hour time limit.

T-Series Race Director Shane Benzie took part and completed the Marathon Des Sables in 2012 and this event inspired him to create a UK based self sufficient race and so the T184 Endurance Race was born in 2014.

Link to T-Series Website here

T184 Challenge

Video footage from the 2015 T184 Endurance Race by Summit Fever Media.

Marathon Des Sables Video

Link to a YouTube video from the 2012 Marathon Des Sables in which T-Series Race Director Shane Benzie participated.

Beyond the Ultimate

Shane works on research projects on gait fatigue in extreme environments.

Grand to Grand

Grand to Grand event trailer.



Damian Hall

Ultramarathon Runner & Outdoor Journalist

Running Reborn transformed the way I run. But also the way I think about running, my enjoyment of it and my performances. I’m now faster, yet can run for longer without tiring or hurting. But perhaps more importantly I now think about my body and what it’s doing, since working on my technique with Shane I have finished on the podium of the Spine, finished 5th in the Dragons Back and position 32nd in the UTMB.

I found Shane to be a superb teacher. He genuinely listens and explains his ideas in an accessible, patient way. I was dubious at the start, but quickly become a convert and a big advocate of the running style he teaches. It works in theory and practice.


Karen Hathaway

GB 24 Hour Runner

Using the bodys natural movement to create energy and improve efficiency has changed my approach to running. From the first session I gained an awareness which made sense, and benefitted quickly from the adjustments to my technique.

I cannot thank Running Reborn and Shane Benzie enough; his coaching has played a very important part in the successes of this year.

  • Outright winner of T184
  • Outright winner of Thames Ring 250
  • 1st female Fire & Ice Ultra – Icelands toughest foot race

Mike Macpherson

Technical Engagement Manager

What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? What do you want out of this session today and moving forward?

These are all standard coaching questions that all coaches use in their profiling arsenal. Shane Benzie, from Running Reborn, stands head and shoulders above most coaches. Using personal knowledge and expertise only a competitor understands he has developed a coaching platform that no other running coach is using. State of the art technology analyses minute details of your running form and performance.
Armed with these statistics Shane is able to guide the client, using video analysis and in depth physiological expertise, on how best to develop their running technique. A truly enlightening and proactive coach who is turning average athletes into elites.


Simon Hollis

I saw an advert for Running Reborn in the Run Ultra online magazine and was interested in the ViMove technology but took the plunge with a couple of hours of coaching too.

Having completed the Marathon des Sables this year I am now preparing for the BOTU Amazon Jungle Ultra, a 5 day event in Peru next year and want to be in the best shape possible. Ironically I had suffered with a shoulder problem but no real issues with my legs but wanted to run better and quicker!

The coaching is excellent, shane takes a lot of time explaining the science behind what he tells you which can make the session seem a little slow but having put into practice what I was shown I can tell you that it makes perfect sense to understand what is happening in your body. Shane provided some useful training tips that have paid dividends.

I am happy to say that I am running quicker with no shoulder problems and even have chi moments during my running where it feels effortless. Overall money well spent given the results and the follow up from Shane.

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Jason Nash

Ultra runner

In preparation for the Bhutan Ultra I decided to make sure that I left no stone unturned and contacted Shane at Running Reborn to make sure that my running technique was up to the challenge. Shane’s coaching has changed the way I think about running, my increased speed and reduced injuries have been a revelation.

I finished the race with no problems and enjoyed the whole experience. I also found the ViMove analysis fascinating and this has helped me work with my physio and my personal trainer with my strength and conditioning coaching. I would not hesitate to recommend Shane and will be back myself in preparation for my next challenge.

Archie Stewart

Archie Stewart

Ultra runner

I met Shane Benzie while running the 2015 Jungle Ultra in Peru. Shane was there conducting field research into the effect of endurance training and competition on the immune system.

I’m delighted that I volunteered for the study as this led to me spending some time with Shane, which was a real privilege the sense of privilege gained by having access to a true expert. You need only spend a few minutes with Shane talking movement to see the passion and depth of knowledge he possesses.

While in the Amazon I also had the opportunity to run with the ViMove sensors Shane uses as part of his ‘tool-set’; I believe, I hold the record for bringing back the muckiest sensors ever!

Returning to the UK, I was quick to arrange a coaching session with Shane and to work some more with the ViMove sensors. In a few hours, Shane was able to coach me out of bad and into new good habits. The practical application of just two of his myriad suggestions has led to a significant improvement in my running efficiency; I’m basing this statement on both perceived effort and improvements in my pace at heart rate thresholds. I’ll certainly be back to Shane for more; in the meantime, I am using the data from the ViMove sensors with my coach to focus strength and conditioning work.

Tom Pope

Tom Pope

I came to see Shane as a 20 time marathon runner with a 2.54 PB. 5 years before meeting him, my interest in running was born through a fundraising agenda rather than with any focus in technique, pace and time. I met him at an expo in Green park having signed up to take on the infamous Marathon Des Sables.

I wanted some practical, hands on advice about how best to maximise my potential not only the desert but also with my broader running on both road, track and more humane climates than the Sahara! Shane had some very impressive technology on display and presented himself as a well-researched, articulate and knowledgeable chap. I took his details and made contact several weeks later to find some time on a Saturday morning – not easy with both diaries I can assure you!

Looking back on the session, I can honestly say that I learnt more in 90 minutes about style, technique, injury avoidance, pace, foot control, cadence, heart rate and the reasons behind their importance than I had learnt in the previous 5 years of running. Shane explained his thoughts on getting through MDS and how best to look after yourself through technique whilst conserving energy and preventing injury. I learnt why some runners are more effective than others and also of the importance and role of fascial tissue – an extraordinary thing I had no idea existed!

I particularly took his advice on cadence and foot striking to heart and, within days, was running more effectively for longer. I remember someone in the Sahara to me specifically saying “I can see you’ve trained effectively for this from looking at your stride pattern” at a time I when those around me were really beginning to tire. Shane’s advice and guidance was invaluable there.

Having finished 79th in a race billed as the toughest on earth, I have a lot to thank him for. I’ve already recommended him to a number of my running mates and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.

Top bloke and a fountain of knowledge!