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Beginner Runner 2

The Running Beginner

Learning to run with the Running Reborn method will ensure that you move with maximum efficiency and significantly reduce your chances of getting injured. This is never more important than when you are a beginner or coming back from injury.

The great thing about running is that it’s totally natural to us as a species. Unfortunately we have largely forgotten how to move naturally and now have a very manufactured way of moving when running, largely based on what we are told and read. Using the Running Reborn method, I will introduce you to natural movement and the science behind it. The coaching is designed to be fun and interactive with emphasis on how to run rather than just run. The method is perfect for beginners as you will need time to build your running fitness. As part of your technique coaching you will receive extensive gait analysis with the innovative ViMove technology and 360 degree video analysis of the whole body.

Feeling and seeing how to move correctly is a very powerful way of learning. All analysis and coaching takes place outside in the natural environment and away from the treadmill. We run outside, so we we should learn outside.

So don’t feel intimidated, the Running Reborn method will enable you to take ownership of your movement and develop your skill of running.

Included in your coaching is a detailed look at footware and what we need from our trainers to ensure we are able to move efficiently.

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Injured Runner

The Injured Runner

The statistics for runners getting injured every year differ wildly but they are high, very high and the injuries are largely down to a lack of knowledge on how to move our bodies correctly. Every time our foot makes contact with the ground we create a ground force reaction. As Newtons third law dictates “every action is met with an equal and opposite reaction”.

Take your weight and times it by around 2.5 and you will have your ground force reaction. For example an 80kg runner would have 200kgs of impact coming back at them. Then take into account that we would cover around 40,000 steps in a marathon. Imagine that, 40,000 x 2.5 x your body weight in one run. It’s not surprising that if we don’t move correctly, we get injured. Using the Running Reborn method of running, I will ensure that you load your body correctly and, instead of weakening or damaging your body, you can use running to strengthen it.

All technique coaching and analysis is carried out using ViMove technology and 360 degree video analysis of the whole body.

The reports you receive on your movement are invaluable to your physiotherapist or sports therapist as they would normally only see you in a relatively static situation.

For the first time they can see how you move dynamically, enabling them to give you more informed treatment.

I work with a number of therapists creating a team approach behind your rehabilitation and progress as you get back to running.

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Run with Friend

Run with a Friend

A great way to learn to run and spread the cost is to learn with a friend or group of friends, learning together and practicing together can be very motivational.

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Debbie Studart


Twelve months ago I was all but ready to stop running due to constant injuries which led to a lack of proper training & poor performances. A friend recommended a one to one session & I’ve not looked back since!

The principles of Chi Running are simplicity and Shane teaches them flawlessly. Since my initial session I have pb’d at 5k, 10 mile & half marathon distance, trained for & ran a full marathon & completed 70k of a 100k Ultra Marathon, stopped only due to blisters. This is my longest injury free and sustained period of training and racing. I simply can’t thank or recommend Shane highly enough.


Caroline Newton

Financial Controller

I did some research and found out about Chi Running and Shane’s revolutionary approach to running form, booked a one-day session and things have never been the same. No injuries (well extremely few, I’m a runner after all), my running’s improved and a year after the Bath Half, I did my first Ultra, the Bristol Green Man – 46 miles around Bristol in the mud and over the hills.

Without Shane that wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you. I can’t recommend Shane highly enough.


Steve Cox

Vice President, Oracle

Prior to my first session with Shane 12 months ago, I had recurring issues with ‘runners knee’ and plantar fasciitis. The furthest I’d ever run was 8 miles.

With Shane’s video analysis and clear instruction, by the end of the session I was running in a totally different way. I was able to practice what I had learned with the help of a ‘top tips to remember’ email.

The transition was tough, and I had to dramatically reduce my mileage in the beginning. But Shane has been there to give his advice by email, phone or in person and get me back on track.

Last sunday I ran 22 miles along a challenging trail injury free!


Claire Moleneux

Head Teacher

I first worked with Shane three months after my first venture into running in April 2013. I was very much ‘an enthusiastic beginner’ who had got into running mostly for weight loss purposes after illness, and Shane’s initial instruction on technique was invaluable in the development of a new and more efficient running style. Since then I’ve continued to set myself new and exciting challenges and, with Shane’s continued expert coaching, have moved from those early goals into running regular trail half and full marathons. Shane has a vast bank of knowledge and his healthy obsession with detail and identifying small but positive technique tweaks is what keeps me coming back for regular coaching sessions. Inspirational!

Celina Vinar

Celina Vinar


I have never considered myself a runner. I am 43, in no way flat chested and carrying an injury to my right leg and arm due to an unfortunate accident involving a pothole in the spring of 2015. However, I am fairly bloody minded and after a 1:1 session with Shane in October 2015 was able to start to apply some theory to my natural/bad-habit filled running style. Shane’s style of coaching is empathetic and informed. Whilst clearly an expert in the science behind efficient running he is also very approachable and is adept at immediately putting you at ease. He is a clear communicator, using a combination of words and images to help you visualise your own mechanical processes of running and help you to understand what you should be doing to further improve. Shane’s blend of infectious enthusiasm, coupled with concise top tips really helped with my confidence and technique. The proof? The London Marathon 2016 – 3hrs53mins59secs with an average cadence of 178steps per minute and still feeling strong at the finish line! Shane is worth his weight in gold.


Nick Mead


As an ultrarunner keen to reduce the impact on my body as much as possible, I’d been trying to stop heel-striking for years but I was confused about what I should be doing and whatever I tried the bad habits would soon creep back in. Shane said that after one session I’d never heel-strike again. I was sceptical at first but that’s proved right – every running step I’ve taken in the past year since seeing Shane has been on the midfoot. I feel lighter on my feet and when I get it right it feels like I’m running faster for much less effort, letting gravity do the work.